growth hackers masterclass and meetup event

Lagos – 29th November, 2016. – Growth Marketing Masterclass is an invite-only event for growth hackers, digital marketers and startup founders to network and learn more actionable tips on data-driven marketing for startups. The first series is holding 10th December, 2016 at HotelsNG office in Lagos. Request your invite 

Growth marketing or growth hacking is more than a buzzword. It is a methodology used by successful startups to grow to unicorn status, sometimes from 0 to 2 billion users and more billions in valuation (think Facebook, WhatsApp, AirBnB, Uber etc)

The role of growth marketers is becoming increasing relevant to startups that want to build phenomenon growth. That is why Wole Ogunlade, the editor of (a blog that focuses on growth marketing for early stage startups) believes that there is an urgent “market need” for individuals who can make growth happen for startups in Nigeria. Unfortunately, like many new fields, growth marketing is NOT what you can learn in school.

To fill this market need, we will be running a series of events called The Growth Marketing Masterclass and meetup. The idea is to build a viable ecosystem of growth marketers for early stage startups in Nigeria.

Each event is designed to focus on building a community of growth hackers, digital marketers and startup founders who are interested in sharing actionable insights around growth hacking best practices and marketing tools. Each live event will foster knowledge sharing and cooperation among participants so that we can close the marketing and technology knowledge gap in Nigeria. The first series of the growth masterclass is free to attend, courtesy of partners like and

The event will be headlined by 2 amazing folks from Google (Aniedi Udo-Ubong, Manager, Google Developer Program for Sub-Saharan Africa and Abdul Salam – Google Analytics expert). You will also learn from from other accomplished growth hackers working with companies like Sharphire Globals (with over 10 million+ users across portfolios like PushCV, Piggybank, 500dishes etc), LeadSpace Incubator, JumiaFoods, HotelsNG, Printivo, VoguePay, Max.NG, LocalizedDigital and many more. They will share their knowledge and inspire you to build careers in growth marketing.

This event is for you if you are ready to build a career in growth marketing……If you are ready to network with other A-star growth hackers ……..or want to hire growth marketers for your startup.

The event is holding at HotelsNG’s office located at at Birrel Ave, off Hebert Macaulay road, Yaba, Lagos. To get your free invite, visit (only 50 seats are available)

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