Growth Hackers Masterclass & MeetUp.

An Invite-Only Event For Growth Hackers, Digital Marketers and Startup Founders. The Event Is A Platform To Share Actionable Insights Around Growth Hacking Best Practices For Startups In Nigeria.

We Are Out Of SeatsSORRY. You can't register anymore. We will let you know about future events.

Keynote Sessions Focused On Paid Marketing And Data-Driven Marketing Wins For Startups.

Keynote sessions will be led by Abdul Salam (Analytics Lead at Google) and Osaze Osoba (Head of Growth at Zoto and founder of LocalizedDigital; an online forum for growth marketer)

Q&A Sessions Focused On Building A Growth Team And Designing Virality To Your Product Marketing.

Ask Our Panelist Questions on building growth teams and engineering virality. Hey! One of the panelists have a combined product userbase of over 10Million users.

Benson  PAKO

Justin Jumia Foods

Ifezue PushCV

'Funbi LeadSpace

Open Mic Sessions AND Case Studies

This will be the MOST INTERESTING part. We are going to explore together what paid marketing you should choose (and why) and also put a startup on the “Hot Seat” by spotting everything they did wrong and what they should do right to scale their business.

Chinedu Azodoh Metro Africa Xpress

Wole Ogunlade SpokenTwice

Aniedi Udo-Ubong Google

Ekundayo  Printivo

Full Event Schedule

Event is holding on 10th December, 2016 (Saturday) by 10am. Attendance is strictly by invitation.

  • Keynote sessions: Paid Marketing And Data-Driven Marketing Wins For Startups (Presentations by Osaze Osoba and Abdul Salam
  • Panel Session 1: How To Build Viral Products And Products That Scale (Panelists are: Aniedi Udo-Ubong, Olufunbi Falayi, Chinedu Azodoh and Somto Ifezue. Moderator is Wole Ogunlade
  • Panel Session 2: How To Organize And Build A Team To Focus Solely On Growth (Panelists are: Justin irabor and Ekundayo Temitope. Moderator is Ubah Benson
  • Open Mic Session: What's the Fastest Way to grow your startup: Paid or Organic?
  • Live Case Study session (startup to be pre-selected. You can apply to qualify)
  • Networking and mentoring

Only 50 Seats Are Available

We made provisions for LIMITED number of people because we WANT the conversations to be INTIMATE so we can BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and networking opportunities for growth hackers. Get your FREE invite before we are out of Tickets

We Are Out Of SeatsSORRY. You can't register anymore. We will let you know about future events.

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