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How To Launch A StartUp To An Expectant Crowd

Credit: Wole Ogunlade.

Wole Ogunlade is a growth strategist for early-stage startups. He has mentored early stage businesses on platforms like Google LaunchPad and the Tony Elumelu Foundation programme for entrepreneurs. You can schedule your free 30-minutes growth strategy session

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What you do before, during and after you launch your product matters to its growth.

Let's break it down.

Don't attempt to do too much. These are what you should be preoccupied with:

  1. You need to set up a marketing funnel for user acquisition (next lesson)
  2. You need to acquire new users fast.
  3. You need to measure your metrics, user behaviours as you strive to understand your users and achieve product market fit (There is a lesson for this)
  4. You need to strive to keep your customers for life (this is lesson 11)

Today's class is focused on how to acquire new users fast.

Before we go into the details of acquiring users, you need to know where to start (i.e who to target etc).

You can get this insights from your competition.

Use a combination of simple competitive intelligence tools like SimilarWeb, SpyFu or BuiltWith to see their users’ demography and behaviours.

Now that you know what your competitors are doing ……. how do you acquire your own users?

It starts by having a plan.

Have A Plan:

To be effective, you can learn from how Noah Kagan used quant-based pre-launch marketing to grow go from zero to 100,000 users in 6 months.

Here are few ideas you can use.

Ideas For Launching Your Startup To An Expectant Market


  1. Plan a Pre-launch campaign

I once wrote about how pre-launch strategy allows you stimulate interest in what you’re doing before you launch.

Here is the link to the post.

In the article, I discussed the successful launch strategy of PushCV, a Nigeria job marketplace.

Another good example is how Harrys collected over 100,000 emails before they even launched the product via competition

2. Have a Beta Programme

You can use platforms like Radar, NairaLand or even a Facebook group to test early versions of your product and get the buzz going.

Products like PayStack and 500dishes launched in beta on Radar.

  1. Master advertising and your competitors strategy

There are several ways to advertise your startup.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads offer robust advertising platforms you can use to reach your audience with your offer. (Here is how to get cheap ad on Facebook Ads).

Also, you can learn a lot from your competition. This is because most of the time your competition's strategy offers you clues on how to approach your marketing. You can make use of these intelligence tools to spy on your competitors' efforts.

If you are really badass, you can growth hack like a pirate. However, I believe than there are ethical growth tricks (actually a lot) that you can use to launch your startup to an expectant crowd.

In the next lesson ...

In lesson 3, you will learn how to build marketing funnels and push your startup to hyper-drive growth. Your case study breaks down how a company can explore the "customer journey" to build a predictable sales funnel and revenue.

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