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Some say I am a digital marketer, others says I am a Growth Hacker - I've been doing this for 7 years

My name is Wole Ogunlade.

Leading customer acquisition and hacking growth is what I love to do. I have worked with startups with revenue up to $100million per annum.

I've worn the "Speaker's badge" at events across Africa like KPMG Fintech Summit, Finance-Indaba (biggest Fintech event in Africa), West Africa Convergence Conference, NITEC Summit and even hosted #hackgrowth summit.

Leke Ojikutu

Every startup needs this guy. He’s like a whole department setup to focus on growth and conversion. Wole is not a person, he’s a growth strategy….

Leke Ojikutu
Founder & Chairman of VoguePay.com
'Lex Akinwumi

I have met no idea generator like Wole when it comes to the web environment. The future of the Nigerian web belongs to minds like his.

'Lex Akinwumi
The Mercenary Strategist

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